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Discover Who We Are

Julie and Allison Bayley are a proud mother-daughter duo who are the founders of Bayley Vacation Rentals. This pair of professional women have decades of combined experience in the customer service field, with Julie having owned and operated Bayley Realty Group since 1991. Their dedication to exemplary customer service is ingrained into their DNA as they come from a legacy of prosperous business owners spanning back over 100 years.

This family's business prowess isn't contained to only lobster and realty. In 1970, married couple Fred and Kathleen Bayley established Bayley's Camping Resort. Their operation started small, with their three children being their original employees. Now Bayley's Camping Resort is the most popular place to camp in Scarborough, with families booking their stays a year in advance.

Steve Bayley opened Bayley's Lobster Pound over a century ago. To this day, lobster is cooked, sold, and enjoyed in the same building operated by the same family. Everyone in the Scarborough area knows where to purchase the freshest lobster, and locals are quick to point tourists in the right direction when it comes to lobster.

The Bayley's are a proud family that owns eight businesses within a two-mile span of their quaint community. Bayley Vacation Rental's office is located at 273 Pine Point Road, Scarborough ME. Stop in any time during regular operating hours to be assisted by Julie and Allison themselves, or any one of the high-caliber professionals on their team. As a guest courtesy, they are also available by phone 24/7.

Let Bayley Vacation Rentals guide you on your adventure in Maine!